Teahcer at a Math Class

Restore Local Control for Education and Bring Back Academic Excellence:

Sacramento’s current political establishment and the Teacher’s Union empowered the Department of Education through Assembly Bill 329 to incorporate outrageous and graphic sexual content into K-12 curricula. It is time to stop the ferocious attack on our children’s innocence.

Currently California ranks very poorly in basic education nationwide. Legislators and the unions have failed the families who entrusted their children’s education to them. Sacramento politicians and the federal government are so out of touch and influenced by the lobbyists that they have lost track of what public service is and are legislating in an ineffective way that affects families. We must restore local control and return all spending and curriculum decisions to each local school board. School board members are elected by the community and they do know better what’s best for the population they serve. Historically school boards had teamed with the parents allowing them to take part in the decisions that affect their children. Nowadays, they get pressured into accepting progressive policies and biased curricula or they won’t get funding, that is outrageous, we’re talking about the future of this nation, our children.

Teacher and Pupil

Protect Charter Schools and Demand School Choice:

Senate Bill 98 devastated public Charter Schools, which almost exclusively serve low-income families. By placing a cap on funding to Charter Schools, SB 98 has effectively stopped Charter Schools from enrolling
new students at a time when more families are turning to them. I’ll advocate for School Choice
because it is a Civil Right, especially in California where K-12 education ranks 10th to last.

I will advocate for our children’s future. I will be vocal and will do everything in my power to return local control to the parents and their school districts. I am committed to protecting charter schools and making school choice possible in California.

Safeguard Our Parental Rights:

For the past decade, California legislators have been creating Laws without even consulting their constituents, even though these laws directly affect our children and families. Parents are being forced to accept and are expected to affirm ideologies found in those laws, even if they violate their consciences and / or family values ​​(eg AB 329, SB 48, SB 276, AB 2601, AB2218, SB145, and many more).

The Supreme Court has declared that parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of our children (Meyer v. Nebraska 1923). It is time for Sacramento politicians to be reminded of that and to stop their continuing overreaches and attacks on family values ​​and begin to protect and defend the innocence of our children.

As a mother of 5 children, I know firsthand feeling violated because a school did not honor the opt-out charter and that the district did not even take responsibility for it. Along with hundreds of parents, I have been advocating for the protection of our children and restoring our parental rights, and will continue to do so when I am elected to serve you.


Repeal Assembly Bill 5:

AB 5 requires companies that rely on “gig workers” to use a three-pronged test that essentially assumes these type of workers are employees, with few
exceptions. Through AB 5 Independent Contractors lose their flexibility to work on their own time
and could be forced to work fixed schedules instead, when many single-parent families depend on
this specific flexibility to care for their children. AB 5 is detrimental to families and needs to go.

Support Taxpayers and Businesses:

California’s extreme taxes and regulations are killing the economy. Companies are fleeing the state leaving many unemployed.
Small businesses can’t afford to do business here anymore. Many working families sacrifice their children having to work two jobs in order to make ends meet. Especially after COVID-19, small business owners need a boost and not more taxes, so they can provide for their families and be able to create good paying jobs so California families can once again enjoy the American dream.


Promote Environmental Health:

The success of a civilization depends on their citizen’s well-being. Politicians talk about climate change and protecting the environment, but neglect our own State already affected by droughts, fires, pollution and man-made environmental issues.

Here in the 56th district the population surrounding the Salton Sea has been suffering for a long time due to air and water pollution from the Alamo River and the New River. Children’s health is being affected and we need a better solution than just allowing schools to dispense Mexican medicine to the children. It is of utmost importance that we find some common sense and start working to minimize the impact to the health of our children and families in the 56th district and all of California.


Protect the Sanctity of Life:

The Legislature has passed Resolutions memorilizing the legalization of abortion and declaring that “the State of California is a Reproductive Freedom State for All.” As a constituent, I wasn’t even asked about this by my legislators. As a Christian, I believe human life must be protected from conception through natural death. Abortion not only kills babies, it harms women physically, mentally, and emotionally. I will passionately fight to protect the lives of both, women and the unborn.