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The California We Once Knew

Looking back to the years when my family and I arrived to the US brings me a sense of sadness and melancholy, as well as great memories of happy times. Oh, how I long for that California in its golden years.

My family and I came to California in the 80's, during President Reagan's administration. My parents were schoolteachers in Mexico, and came to the US to work hard and pursue the American dream. It is during those times that my parents became legal residents through the Immigration Reform and Control Act, better known as the Simpson-Rodino amnesty.

My high school years were the happiest of all with many friends at Indio High School, those are sweet times I really treasure in my heart.

I remember walking to school, going to the Indio Fashion Mall after school and having a freshly squeezed lemonade. Stopping by Blockbuster on the way home just to see what was new. I remember those times when we didn't have to worry or fear for our safety. The times when patriotism flowed through the air and you could almost smell it. The times when children didn't have to worry about anything, but being children. The times when schools were nurturing teaching institutions and not indoctrination camps.

I remember walking around the block and everybody said hi to you. When family values and human dignity were more important than the colors of a political party. I remember being filled with tears every time President Reagan gave a speech, and how proud I felt to know that he was our president, back when people respected authority and difficult circumstances taught us resilience and perseverance. Back in the days when children's self-esteem was higher and the word bullying didn't even exist.

I long for those days and wonder if we'll ever go back to them. I look around at my beautiful state and fear when I see how drastically it has been changed and how people are rushing t flee from it. Then I take a deep breath and remember that We The People are the majority and that all we need is to remember that and take action; and then I remember the words of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr:

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

And instead of complaining, kicking or crying, I start taking leaps of faith doing everything in my power to bring back California to its days of glory; and when my strength ends, I trust that God will wake up His people, and He will raise His remnant, and it will come to pass that we will see again the California we once knew.

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